Gloria Steinem  Michael Moore
Roseanne Barr  Tom Morello

    Most American political aficionados believe that Toledo Ohio
  was the center of the election 2004 universe. More television
 commercials filled the airways here than anywhere else on the face of the earth.
 Just days before the election, every venue that could be found was booked for
 the Vice President, The President, the Contender for the Throne and his Second.
 Just a few days ago
Cara Zavaleta, Playboy Magazin and the Toledo area's
 Playmate of the Month appeared at a couple of autograph sessions. Into this
 milieu jumps filmmaker and provocateur,
Michael Moore along with his
 entourage of recognizable personalities. How can a newsroom go wrong?
      The Moore News Conference was held impromptu, in the backstage hallways of
 the Seagate Center. Bounded by hot TV cameras to lukewarm BGSU students
 on their way to making their first documentary, the media stars talk to the
 microphones, cameras and pencil-pad reporters. Noticeably, none of the luminaries
 wears makeup. Toledo's hometown daughter and sister, journalist,
Gloria Steinem
puts forth her views to the gathered media-types. Mostly, she urges the reporters
 to help spread the word about human rights violations. Her silver bracelet,
 she says, calls attention to the women worldwide who are being tortured and
 murdered everyday, women who could  fare much better if America would change
 its ways. An admirer presents Moore with a bag full of authentic, instant Chinese
 noodles while the gaggle of media representatives take polite turns asking
grossly insipid questions--  the reporters,  all backing down at the
sound of his insightful and unexpectedly upfront answers.
     Onstage, before a sold-out house, Moore, along with frumpy comedian
Roseanne Barr
 (Arnold), guitarist,
Tom Morello (formerly of the band Rage Against the Machine),
  and human rights activist Gloria Steinem inform and entertain the enthusiastic
 audience. Morello sounds like a cross between Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan,
Roseanne does a riff suggesting that she is indeed a supporter of the incumbent.
Michael Moore talks about his
upcoming projects and his views on
modern politics, world governments and corporations.
   With the event over and the vendors, the attendees and the detractors gone,
 part of the Moore entourage crosses the river for a foray at the Docks
 presented by
Clamor Magazine and the Verso Group.
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Michael Moore

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